I am a HUGE fan of Traditionz T-shirts, and wear them everywhere. The martial art designs are eye-catching and different. People always comment on how good they look. Even better, and not understood until you put one on, is the quality and unique blend of the material. They are lightweight and thin, but tightly woven and of good quality. They stretch and move with your body, but revert back to their original shape too. These shirts are comfortable and cool.

Cheryl Duncan Wheeler, Kickboxing Champion & Hollywood Stunt-woman

TraditionZ is a great product. Being blind, I put special labels on my clothes so I can tell them apart. With these tees I do not have to do that! None of my other tees feel so soft and smooth. The quality is amazing. Plus when I put one on, it stands out because the cut is superior to any other.

Tom Corboy Self Defense Instructor & 6th degree Black Belt

The prints are very cool, the material unique; fits freestyle, feels great, hugs the body, built to last. This is not your everyday T-shirt that is rough on the skin, cheap, unbreathable. People have to wear one to really see and feel the quality.

Jeff Behar, Muscle/Fitness Expert

These shirts are the hottest product I've seen to hit the martial arts market in a long time. They are sharp looking and extremely comfortable. You can wear them to a martial art function, a special event or out in a club.

Danny Zaino
CEO Martial Art Entertainment Media